How To Care For Your Lash Extensions

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Why are lash refills so important?


What happens to your lashes after you have a full set of extensions applied:

So you've just had your lashes done and they look awesome right?! Lash extensions are super easy to take care of but do require some maintenance.

Each of your natural lashes grow at different rates so once your set is applied your lashes will continue to grow. I find personally I would love to go in for a refill every 1.5 to 2 weeks. I can start to notice the lashes growing out and once the lash starts to grow out the longer it gets the more likely it is to twist and feel uncomfortable. You also start to notice natural gaps as your natural lashes also shed daily. It is normal to lose 2-10 lashes per day depending on your lash cycle.

What happens at a refill appointment:

First we cleanse the lashes and remove some of the lashes that have grown out too far. We then replace as well as apply lash extensions to new growth that is now strong enough to hold a lash extension. More out grown lashes are removed and replaced during the service to make sure the lashes stay healthy.

How often should I have my lashes refilled?

We recommend keeping an eye on your lash cycle as well as your comfort. Some people like to book their refill appointment every week while others can wait until 3 weeks. We normally recommend coming back at 2 weeks for your first refill so we can see the progress and then decide how often to come back for refills.

Why are my lashes falling out faster then normal?

Some skin care products as well as makeup products that contain oils applied to close to the lashes and not correctly removed can cause the lashes to come off quicker then normal. You may also be at a point in your lash growth cycle that a lot of lashes are shedding. This can happen for a few reasons like during hay fever season, hormonal changes, some medications, and stress can cause increased hair loss. Avoid picking at your lashes as well.

How do I book a refill appointment?

Lash refill appointments can be booked online and are booked by time. If you feel that you have not lost many lashes and just want to tidy up your lashes, normally within 1-2 weeks, we recommend a fill which is around 1 hour. If you feel you have lost a lot of lashes or want them fuller then please book in an extended fill for more time.

I went some where else for my lashes can I come to you for a refill?

Yes we do fill others work however a full consultation of the work is required. If the work is not considered safe for the lashes a removal and full set will be required. You will be informed before any services are completed and can decided how you'd like to proceed. We will not work on any lash set deemed unsafe and to be causing damage to your natural lashes.



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